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Which Type Of Asphalt Should You Use For Your Driveway?

An asphalt driveway has a lot of benefits for the front of your property.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, it looks neat and tidy and will boost your home’s “curb appeal”.

If you are thinking of selling in the near future, then this is something to consider having done to increase your potential sale value.

And if you aren’t planning on moving, for the long term, then there is even more reason to have it done – because an asphalt driveway is a hard wearing and long lasting investment for the future.

Looked after properly it could last between fifteen and twenty years.

However, driveway paving contractors in Wisconsin, from Save On Paving, have quite a selection of asphalt driveways to choose between.

So what type of asphalt driveway should you be considering for your home?


Porous asphalt is a special type of asphalt mix which lets the water drain through the surface into the soil below or into a sub-grade reservoir.

Sometimes porous asphalt is chosen for commercial parking lots, to prevent flooding.

However, this is not the only application that it can be considered for and many homeowners choose it for their domestic driveway.

Like other kinds of asphalt, this is a hard wearing and tough material that only needs minimal maintenance.


A perpetual pavement is something which is often chosen by road managers when deciding on the right surfacing for a highway.

This is because of its highly durable nature.

It is a multi layered structure, with a very strong base that is flexible and is designed to prevent cracking.

The mid layer is also strong and built for permanence. Then, the final top layer goes on. This is something that ought to last several years, but will eventually need replacing.

Because only the top layer will need resurfacing and not the whole road, it significantly reduces the maintenance costs.


Quiet asphalt is usually one of four things, a stone matrix surface, open graded friction course, a rubberized asphalt and a fine graded surface.

The stone matrix asphalt has asphalt binders and uses a coarse aggregate.

The open grade friction course is a porous asphalt mix, which lets water and air out.

Rubberized asphalt has bits of old tires in it and offers some flexibility.

Fine graded surface is a more conventional asphalt mix, with fine grain particles.

Any one of these options results in a considerably quieter asphalt surfacing.

The downside of quiet asphalt is its increased price tag. It is something that might be an option more for a busy highway, rather than a domestic driveway. But if it is something that you might want to consider, then do ask your local asphalt paving company in Wisconsin.


Hot mix asphalt is a mixture of 95% stone, gravel and sand which is bound with asphalt cement.

Asphalt cement is made from crude oil and heated aggregate.

Hot Mix Asphalt is mixed at a plant and then transported direct to the point it is needed.

Cars and traffic can drive on the surface once it has been compacted and cooled.

Hot Mix Asphalt is generally considered the best for driveways and will probably be the one you will choose for use on your domestic paving.

It will withstand the freeze thaw cycle and has a smooth finish. It should also require minimal repairs and when maintenance is necessary, it will not be problematic to carry out.

Finally, don’t risk a substandard job by using a general contractor doing the work on the cheap – always choose one of the many professional asphalt paving contractors in Wisconsin for your project. It’ll cost you less in the long run!