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We have been at the heart of home décor and remodeling in Wisconsin since 1999.

In this time, we have established ourselves as a leading voice in home design and construction.

We have helped thousands of homeowners get their self build and remodeling projects off the ground.

Our instructional columns on everything from damp coursing to how to hang wallpaper are trusted by our readers and they rely on us to give them the best advice possible for their projects.

Published monthly, our magazine has a circulation of eighteen thousand and is read by over fifty thousand readers.


Our readers are 65% male and 35% female.

Of our readers, 35% of them are subscribers, with a rolling subscription.

Of our subscribers, 89% have subscribed for over a year and 75% have had a subscription for over five years.

95% of our readers are home owners and 57% own more than one property.

47% of our readers are landlords.

The average household income of our readership is $100k.

In terms of age breakdown, 21% are 35-45, 39% are 45-55 and 34% are 55-65.

Our readers range from affluent empty nesters to serial self builders, but they all have one thing in common – a disposable income of over $70000 and a passionate interest in construction and home design.


Our website receives 400,000 unique visitors each month. We have over 10,000 followers across our social media platforms and half our website visitors also read or subscribe to the magazine.

We are the premier website based in Wisconsin for self build and remodeling projects.


Our magazine offers an array of assistance for the home self builder, including;

A series of pullout binders, outlining a litany of household projects. These feature a complete pullout “how to” guide on every job that could be ever needed.

With our binders a homeowner can plan a project from scratch and see it through to the end, with clarity and ease.

We offer a comprehensive database of contractors operating within the Wisconsin area and they have all been rated and checked for expertise.


“Advertising with Wisconsin Realty Solutions was the best decision we ever made. It even trumped our television advert!”

Jay Mellow, Mellow Construction And Design

“We saw immediate results, with the phone ringing almost from the second the advert went live on the website. We would recommend advertising on this website for any interior design business”

Angie Downes, Interior Designer.